Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love of Fat Woman

"Forced to be Fat" was the title of a news article I stumbled upon online. The story was about a 26 year old women, who lives in Mauritania, and she weights 250 lbs. However, she doesn't weight that much because of careless eating, but because of tradition. 1.5 million women in Mauritania are obese, because it is considered beautiful. Young girls are force fed by their women relatives to gain weight, for the bigger one is the more suitors she will get.

 They would be pressured to drink up to 14 gallons of camel's milk a day and would be punished if they refused or got sick. A recent strategy developed with the discovery of apepite-inducing pills, which simply induce hunger.

Over the past few years, the people have become more aware of the health issues with obesity. In recent studies, it has been shown that only 11% of the young girls are forced fed now. While, to the adults in the community, the skinner girls are not pretty. If a mother has three girls, one of them is 200 lb., while the other two are size 4s. She would cheshire and truly believe her obese child is more beautiful.

Men of the region would agree with those mothers. They love their women fat. Many men complain that their woman isn't fat enough, and if she wants to shed the pounds they would threaten divorce. This love of fat women is definitely a problem in the community. Since, being obese is a tremendous risk to health problems; such as high cholesterol and heart disease.

These women are forced into a hard situation; either one could be considered beautiful, get the best husbands, but be obese and have health issues. Or, skinny and not pretty. What would you chose?


  1. This is really interesting. I think the love of "skinniness" is a European/American and fairly new ideal... in historical times, larger women were considered to be the prettiest because they were the healthiest and the most suitable for longetivity and childbearing. Even in our culture today, I honestly think that girls with curves who are a little "softer" are so pretty... prettier than stick-thin girls. The culture you talk about is interesting because it's so much more extreme... they actually want their women to be fat rather than just "healthy."

  2. It's ironic how our scoiety incomparison to theirs are on opposite sides of the spectrum. I know the concept of fat beaing beautiful is not new, as Catherine mentioned above. I think worldwide a message needs to be generated to tell women healthy is beautiful.